Managed Forest Land

Approximately 200 acres of land on the WEST SIDE of Sinawa Road
is available to you through Wisconsin's Managed Forest Law.
We welcome you to visit. The main pathways make up about 6 miles of old forest service roads. Some areas are low lying and are sometimes under water. We are working hard to build them up and create drainage.
Please be patient with us while we strive to improve the trails.
There is a new single track mountain bike trail we encourage you to enjoy. That path is currently about 3 miles long, but we have a vision for about 20!
It takes lots of work to build and maintain trails.
Please consider contacting us to get involved.

You are welcome to use the main parking lot, but please do not wander through the EAST SIDE of camp without calling first or stopping at the office. This side of the camp is PRIVATE.  If you’re interested in renting cabins, please visit the RENTALS page of our website for more information.

 Below is an excerpt from the DNR website describing what “open managed forest” entails.  

When using MFL lands Open to public recreation, the public…

• May access the land only for the purposes of hunting, fishing, hiking, sightseeing and cross country skiing. 

• May access the land without asking permission. 

• May access the land only by foot unless given other permission by the landowner(s). 

• May use legal hunting methods including baiting and temporary tree stands during the hunting season(s). Land, trees or other property may not be damaged. 

• May not use motorized vehicles or conduct target practice without landowner’s permission. 

• May not damage the property or anything on it. 

When using MFL lands Open to public recreation, the public is encouraged to: 

• Avoid trespass through awareness of their location, MFL boundaries and property lines. 

• Treat the property and resources with respect. Damage and trespass incidents are enforced by the local Sheriff’s Department, not the DNR. 

• Let landowners know when and where they are going to be on MFL land. Though not a legal requirement, notification is courteous and enhances safety.

For MFL lands Open to public recreation, landowners…

 • May restrict or deny the use of motorized vehicles upon the parcel.

 • May designate a specific access point or route to the Open MFL land. Typically, the public can access Open MFL parcels from a public road. When not obvious, public access must be reasonable and clearly identified. Where the public must cross the owner’s non-MFL or Closed MFL land to access the Open MFL land, the landowner must identify the public access route. 

• May post signs approved by the DNR to show the access route or identify the location of closed lands.

• May restrict access within 300 feet of any building or active commercial timber sale (cutting firewood for personal use does not apply) that conforms to the management plan. 

• May grant additional uses to the public if the landowner so desires. 

• May not deny access to any person. 

• May not restrict the number of people accessing the parcel. 

• May not post signs, which restrict or give the appearance of restricting permitted uses. 

If you’re interested in joining group sanctioned road legal 4×4 rides on our trails, contact Glacial Lake 4×4 and Greater MKE 4×4!