Cabin Photos

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see inside the cabins!


These 4 cabins are under one roof, but each has a private entrance.  They are separate, but share inner walls.  They each have 4 beds.

Flying Squirrel

Fox Squirrel

Red Squirrel

Gray Squirrel



This cabin has 6 beds, it’s close to the lodge and shower house and shares a large fire pit with Red Squirrel and Gray Squirrel.

Pine River

This is the oldest and most rustic cabin.  It’s got a ton of personality, but it’s also a little drafty.  We don’t recommend it during the cooler months.


Nuthatch and Chickadee are sweet little neighboring cabins  appropriately named for native birds that look very similar to each other.


Chickadee and Nuthatch each have 4 beds and are located very conveniently close to the showerhouse and kitchen.


This cabin takes you to another time and place.  It’s everything you want in a rustic getaway.   It’s the furthest away from the facilities, but that’s also part of it’s charm.  It’s got one wider bed, so it could sleep up to 5 people.  It’s pretty tiny inside though.


With a view of the lake, 2 fire pits and 10 beds, this cabin is great for larger families or extra fun families that let their kids each bring a friend. 


This is our most popular cabin for good reason.  It’s right at the top of the staircase down to the lake and the sun coming up through the trees overlooking the lake is breathtaking.  There’s a walking path through the trees to get to the main hall and showers.


With 6 beds, a giant fire pit and a huge grassy field for a yard, this cabin is great for families.  It’s close to the staircase down to the waterfront and  it’s just a short walk to the bathrooms and kitchen.


This sweet little hideaway has 2 bunks and the charm of gramma and grampa’s cottage in the north woods.


Our only cabin with it’s own kitchen and bathrooms, the dormitory sleeps 24 people!   The bunks are divided up into separate areas with 4 beds.  Each bunk has it’s own little closet area.  Did we mention the CENTRAL AIR CONDITIONER?